Pay Later - The new normal
By Krish
Man wouldn’t be where he is in terms of economy if it isn’t for money. Monetary transactions we have these days weren’t always in fashion. It all initiated with Barter system and livestock where you exchange the goods and services. Later on we proceeded to use the precious metal coins and gold for a while to trade and then came the revolutionary paper money that’s been adopted all over the world in same terms in accordance with their country’s money. Alas, Net banking stirred a whole lot and enhanced the digital progress making our transactions tad easier. But the advent of credit cards and debit cards brought an effulgent impact, irrespective of the affluence and people reveled in its use and still continue to do so. Nonetheless, the dawn of ‘Buy now, pay later’ is here now.
Pay later is a concept brought in for the users where they make a procurement and pay for it later. We nowadays stumble upon plethora of app with this notion as base. These let the users make a purchase that can be paid later with NO EXTRA COST much akin to the credit card.Some of the most sought out amateur apps are:
LAZYPAY has already people utilising it to its potential and is one of the ppopular paylayer apps. It embodies 3 options to choose from namely paylater, personal loan and no cost EMI. This follows a 15 day billing cycle with 3rd and 18th of each month as due dates. You will also be regularly notified regarding the payments and billing dates to keep you diligent. One can easily incorporate this app on their mobile by simply providing their phone number and thus you are ready to use.
EPAY later bestows you with credit limit that you can use for booking tickets, travel expenses etc.., You must settle your dues 14 days from the purchase date. This accounts for faster pay and more purchases simultaneously. One can promptly sign up and avail the additional discount vouchers upon usage of the app.