Mixed Reality In eCommerce – A Whole New Dimension For Businesses To Thrive
By Krish
eCommerce platforms have seen astronomical growth in traffic this year, which has boosted both – the revenues and the number of active customers.
But with an increase in demand comes an increase in competition.
Capturing a customer’s attention is a lot more difficult today than yesterday. Coupling that fact with the modern customer’s high service standards, it’s safe to say that capturing leads and converting visitors has never been this challenging.
A shift in the paradigm of the online business model can further open up the market and give up-and-coming eCommerce startups much more of a chance to thrive.
Throwing mixed Reality into the equation might be just what businesses need to tap into a larger chunk of the market.
More Reasons Why Businesses Must Consider Adopting Mixed Reality
PWC’s research reveals that 73% of all customers believe that shopping experience plays a key role in their purchase decisions.
Coupling those stats with the National Retail Federation’s research, which reveals that buyers think new technologies improve the shopping process, makes a solid case for incorporating MR into eCommerce platforms.
Further, given the industry’s current scenario, there couldn’t be a better time to bring about a sweeping fundamental change in how customers shop from the comfort of their homes.
Benefits of Mixed Reality for Retailers
Many businesses hesitate to switch gears and change the way they interact with their customers. You could treat MR as a passing UX trend or think of it as a whole new way to shop. Regardless of how you approach MR in eCommerce, though, the benefits it offers to retailers are very clear:
  • Increase in Sales: Relying only on driving traffic to boost sales is never a good tactic. Conjunctionally engaging potential customers and converting them into paying customers is the right way to go. Mixed Reality is both immersive and impressive, making it the perfect tool to engage and convert.
  • Reduction in Return Rates: One of the most significant snags selling online entails is the fact that an interested customer cannot touch or feel a product. Mixed Reality can bridge this gap partially, allowing customers to get a feel for the product before actually buying it. This helps reduce return and processing costs, thereby increasing profits.
  • Surge in Brand Awareness: Strategizing and coming up with an effective marketing campaign is a challenge for every eCommerce business. The use of Mixed Reality gives users a reason to differentiate your brand from the others, which intrinsically improves brand awareness.
Benefits of Mixed Reality for Customers
One of the best things about Mixed Reality is that it is just as helpful to the customers as it is to the retailer. Some of the many benefits of integrating MR to eCommerce platforms are:
  • Satisfaction: Mixed Reality applications gamify the shopping experience, which makes the experience that much more satisfying. Implementing MR is an excellent way to make the purchase more exciting and enjoyable.
  • Convenience: Shopping online can often be an anxiety-riddling experience. More times than not, the customer does not know what they should be looking for.
Making Mixed Reality a part of the shopping process helps the shopper feel comfortable, almost as if they were in a physical store. Simulating a real-life experience saves time and makes the purchase a lot less worrisome.
Availing the benefits the platform offers can be very challenging as it is – without the right team backing your eCommerce business’s push to leverage MR, the challenge can get more strenuous and burdensome.
The team at WTM Design Lab understands that no project is similar to another, and every client has a unique set of needs. We’re guided by our intrinsic belief that your needs come first, and we pave the way for your business to reach new heights using modern platforms like Mixed Reality.

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