The Criticality of Design in SaaS
By Krish
As acknowledged by Forbes, a relentless focus on the customer is key to success in the SaaS space.
But, when you boil it all down, it is easy to realize that nothing else makes as direct an impact on the customer as the design.
No wonder so much work goes into a product’s overall design before people even begin to consider it great!
If you’re starting to wonder why good design works so well, what constitutes good design, and how a great product can be hindered by bad design, you’re starting to ask the right questions.
Let’s dig a little deeper and find these answers.
The Sign of a Great SaaS Product
You wake up, turn off the alarm on your phone, and then check your messages and emails. You check your messages another time if you’re stuck in traffic when you’re driving to work, upload important files from emails to your cloud accounts, and get back to finding that one track you want to listen to before work.
All of these actions are involuntary. You do them without thinking twice.
Great products help form habits and remove the need for thought-out action. In contrast, mediocre apps only fulfill a purpose – like scanning a document. After the document is scanned, the user will uninstall the app.
Your goal should be to turn your application from a purpose-fulfiller to a habit.
Things You Can Do to Create Great SaaS Products
  • Make A Solid First Impression:The short attention spans of users calls for the use of an attractive homepage.
  • Have Frictionless Sign-Ups:Simplifying the onboarding process as much as possible is key to keeping a user engaged.
  • Reward Your Users: Rewarding users the right way will nudge the user into forming a habit of using your app.
  • Integrate Purposeful Call to Actions: Getting creative with CTAs without losing clarity of the goal is what converts new users to frequent users and eventually paying customers.
  • Offer a Free Trial: Most users won’t sign up right away – so make sure they know that signing up for free is an option right from the get-go.

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