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WTM for Startups
We structure your abstract business ideas and validate their sustainability through the application of User Experience. By designing an MVP through design, our aim is to bridge the gap between your brand’s vision and potential investors.
WTM for Enterprises
We credit ourselves with the ability to deliver our potential to the fullest. Our pixel perfect designs act as supplements to your products/services and increase value.
WTM for Education
The current generation of students relies on digital platforms to unearth their learning. We augment this learning process through design and help the teachers and students through our designing solutions.
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We assemble your vision, objectives, strategies, and add crafty designs to your digital platform, enabling an experience which is sensational to the viewer, either a customer, or a partner. WTM Design Lab creates designs that prioritise precision and align with the needs of its partners.
A new way of e-commuting with AI enhancing your travel experience.
Service to create Immersive Experiences to boost customer engagement and interaction in B2B & B2C.
WTeaMers aim to bring about a way that will pave an amplified path to your goal, all while quelling the obstacles that you encounter in the way. We strive to bridge the gap between your ideas and the end product by rendering indispensable resources.
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• For Startups - We begin indulging in astute designing and creative thinking from the very initial stage. Our goal is to showcase a product that has evolved from an idea. • For Enterprises - We team up with developers from your organization and provide assistance aimed at achieving pixel perfect designs. Our expertise lies in SaaS products, ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Chatbots, Web and Mobile applications. • For Education - We help teachers and students by enhancing graphic study material for online education by application of technologies like Immersive Media, AR, etc.
With the kind of competition that is present in the market these days, any company needs to achieve excellence in every area of their business model. Although many companies offer excellent products/services, they often fail to keep up to that excellence when it comes to how they present their product. Bad design can often lead to customers underestimating the company’s product/service, which is why not investing in UX is a no-brainer. It can truly make an impact on the customer’s perception of the company.
Have a look at a few of our recent projects in the PROJECTS section. They represent in complete exactness as to the quality you can expect from us.
Immersive Technologies enable the bridge between the digital world and the real world. For businesses that believe product presentation has an impact on boosting their sales, it should be established that these technologies are a vital tool that enhance customer experience. This fact is also supported by real-world studies. A survey, for example, presents that E-commerce powered by AR is proven to boost sales by 3x compared to the static images.
A prospective client must discuss or present • Business and organizational goals. • Functional requirements. • Technical specifications. Other resources include: • Previous user experience test results. • User analytics data. • Business reports. Deliverables • User-research document • User persona • Customer journey map • Sitemap • Wireframe • UI sketch • Interactive prototype
We are a full-service digital agency and our services range across User Research & Information Architecture, UX & UI Design, Prototyping, and Design Systems. WTM Design Lab is a firm that acts as an independent entity. This enables us to move rapidly, allowing us to avoid the time-consuming bureaucracy of a larger organization, even on projects that are done hand‑in‑hand with Innovation Labs and in‑house UX teams.