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WTM for Startups
Structuring the abstract ideas to validate its sustainability and inordinate user experience. We design and contrive MVP to abridge the distance between your vision and the investors.
WTM for Enterprises
We credit to deliver our potential to its fullest on the table with a credible counterpart. Our pixel perfect designs will prepend value to your products/services.
WTM for Education
Gen Z students unearth their foundations encompassed on digital platforms. We help teachers and students augment the learning process facilitating their growth.
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Our work constitutes assembling vision, objectives, strategies and crafty designs so as to bring alive the metaphysical views of users(customers or partners).We at WTM work assiduously to produce designs that prioritise precision and align with the needs of the requirement.
A new way of e-commuting with AI enhancing your travel experience.
Service to create Immersive Experiences to boost customer engagement and interaction in B2B & B2C.
WTeaMers aim to bring about a way that will pave an amplified path to your requisites quelling the obstacles in between. We strive to bridge the gap between your ideas and the end product by rendering indispensable resources.
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• For Startups - We indulge in astute designing and creative thinking from the very initial stage. In short, evolution of the product from its idea. • For Enterprises - We team up with developers and together we craft pixel perfect designs. We hold our expertise in SaaS products, ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Chatbots, Web and Mobile applications. • For Education - We help teachers and students in enhancing their graphic study material for online education involving Immersive media, AR, etc
When talking about the return of investing in UX, the market has become very competative and User Experience has made digital products win the race. And sometimes underestimated design results in tremendous expenses. That's why investing in UX is a no-brainer if a product is to succeed in the marketplace.
You can find the designs we have crafted and tested carefully in our projects section.
Immersive Technologies enables the bridge between digital and real world. For businesses who strive on product presentation to boost their sales, they become a vital tool to enhance the customer experience. For example, E-commerce powered by AR is proven to boost sales by 3x compared to the static images of products.
A prospective client must discuss or present • Business and organizational goals. • Functional requirements. • Technical specifications. Other resources include: • Previous user experience test results. • User analytics data. • Business reports. Deliverables • User-research document • User persona • Customer journey map • Sitemap • Wireframe • UI sketch • Interactive prototype
We're a full-service digital agency and our services spans across user research and information architecture, UX UI design, prototyping, and design systems. Our UI UX design firm acts as an independent entity that moves rapidly, avoiding the bureaucracy of a large organization, often working hand‑in‑hand with innovation labs and in‑house UX teams.